Rally - Game Project

Rally Gameplay Demo

Kristen malone title

Title Screen

Kristen malone scary

Players and Enemies

Finnian the Fighter and Isa the Archer

Kristen malone warriorfin neutral

Finnian Portrait

Kristen malone archerisa neutral

Isa Portrait

Rally - Game Project

"Rally" is a turn based strategy game that I worked on as part of a senior project. I was the lead game designer and 3D artist.

More information about the demo written by our programmer, Sebastien Hutt: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/rally-csci-final-project-sebastien-hutt?trk=prof-post

Sebastien Hutt - Programmer, 3D Artist, Technical Artist, Animator
Kristen Malone - Game Designer, Lead 2D / 3D Artist, Level Designer, Mocap Tech
Vinna Chan - UI Designer
Tom Howse - Music


More artwork
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