Xbox Avatars 2018
Kristen malone braids

Modified hair mesh and created braided bun Substance material

Kristen malone glasses

Created glasses and shades Substance material

Kristen malone eyelashes

Modified eyelash mesh / skinning and applied to character rig

Kristen malone wizhat

Modified Substance material for Wizard Hat

Kristen malone mask

Created Masquerade Mask Substance materials

Kristen malone logoshirt

Created Substance template for logo shirts

Kristen malone boombox

Modified Substance material for Boombox

Kristen malone trackedwheelchair

Created Substance material for Tracked Wheelchair

Kristen malone peglegs

Bug fixing and skinning for Peg Leg prosthetics

Xbox Avatars 2018

Some of the assets I worked on while I was a part of Xbox Avatars 2018 at Microsoft! My tasks include modeling, uv mapping, texturing, skinning, and bug fixing assets such as clothes, hair, props, and facial features applied to characters.

Base character mesh was not created by me.

More artwork
Kristen malone rohan renderKristen malone elf render4Kristen malone toby closeup 1