Lunen the Alchemist WIP#1 - Sculpting and Retopo

General / 30 April 2018

I'm changing a few plans and working on a new, smaller project before continuing with Rohan. I decided to make a stylized version of my D&D 5e character, Lunen (who was an Artificer with the alchemy specialization~). My primary goal with this project is to brush up on my baking + PBR skillset since my last few projects have been diffuse only. 

I've really been enjoying this project, I've learned a lot so far! One really neat tool I came across was the Strokes tool in 3D Coat, which made retopo-ing the hair waaay faster!

Currently I am still in the retopo phase and hope to move to baking soon!

Zbrush Adventures Part 2

General / 08 March 2018

I've decided to make a full project of my old Rohan bust! I reworked his face and hair a lot, added a body, and started sculpting his clothes. This is my first time working on a full figure in Zbrush and I feel I'm starting to get a stronger grasp of the Zbrush pipeline. I also dabbled a bit with polypaint, though in my final product I plan to texture him with Substance. 

Once his high poly sculpt is complete, I intend to retopo, bake, texture, and pose him :)

Zbrush Adventures Part 1

General / 20 January 2018

Hi all! I've recently been on a brief 3D hiatus since I've started work in December, but I've been learning / practicing Zbrush in my spare time the past few months and wanted to share my progress!

Most of my past projects are modeled exclusively in Maya, with my latest character Gwyn having very basic details added in Zbrush (all I really knew how to do was use the Standard and Move brush to add / subtract / smooth), but I've wanted to learn how to use Zbrush properly for a while now and decided it was time to do it. After watching many tutorials, I decided to jump right into making a character bust (because I'm impatient). 

I learned so much from sculpting my first Zbrush character bust of Casca from Berserk. It was a long journey getting her to this point and I learned many awesome tips and tricks (and things to avoid doing) along the way. She's not complete and I'd like to return to this project, improve the sculpt, and then texture it if possible. But, overall, I was happy with what I learned and was able to accomplish : ) Thanks to my Zbrush buddies out there for all of the advice you've given me!

Another character bust WIP of Rohan from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I started this one when I was starting to lose motivation with my Casca sculpt. Same with Casca, I'd like to complete this bust and add textures if possible.

That's all for now! I'm excited to get back to these projects once I get some more free time in my schedule. Also, I am always open to suggestions / critique on how to improve my work : )